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We offer repair chiller services for chillers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. A chiller is a refrigerator designed to store and refrigerate food or drink but does not freeze them. The chiller is usually designed with one or two doors. It is also used for commercial purposes such as in restaurants, hotels, cafes, clubs, petrol stations and supermarkets that usually sell fast food and beverages such as canned water or bottles, ice-cream, cakes and so on. These foods and drinks need to be cooled to maintain freshness.

Chiller repair and maintenance require trained technicians. You may contact our company via phone, message or email to get the cheapest chiller repair maintenance quote in town.

Repair & Service Chiller

There are various models as well as uses of chillers, these are commonly used in the commercial industry. Therefore, the repair of chillers is getting a lot of demands from commercial consumers. One of the common problems experienced by chiller owners is the lack of coolness on the 2 doored chillers that are commonly used in supermarkets or restaurants. This condition requires compressor replacement, gas refill and condenser cleaning. In addition, the chiller also has problems such as not being able to turn on, no sound or the lights do not turn on. This problem may be caused by damage of the thermostat or compressor so repairs need to be done by a specialist. This problem usually occurs in chillers used in hotels, cafes or clubs.

Just like any other refrigerator, a chiller also needs to be maintained to avoid serious damage. Therefore, maintenance service should be done every 3 months or once every 6 months according to the usage level of the chiller. Among the services that need to be done is the refill of cooling gas to maintain the coolness of the chiller and this can preserve the quality of food stored in the chiller, especially the chiller commonly used in supermarkets or grocery stores that store frozen food. In addition, cleaning of the pipeline and water reservoir tray should be carried out to prevent clogged pipes and the chiller fails to freeze properly. Among the other necessary services is the replacement of worn rubber on the chiller door which can result in the chiller door not being able to close tightly and the chiller is not cold thus causing food spoilage.


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