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We are highly reputed seller of various air conditioners of different brands like York, Acson, Gree, Midea, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic to residents and operators in Kuala Lumpur and anywhere close to Selangor. We also provide delivery service with our own vehicle and install it for you. The difference between residential and commercial air conditioner is that the residential aircond is usually a regular split model, window or portable model. Meanwhile, commercial airconds use the air handling system. Air conditioner for commercial use involves greater installation cost as well as more complicated maintenance work compared to normal use. Furthermore, the home air conditioner is simple so it does not require more space for installation basis. It also does not require high electricity consumption compared to commercial aircond. Contact our responsible sales team for more information, reviews and list or collection of aircons that we sell and we can recommend you on the right types of aircond before you determine to make any purchasing that is worth your money. You can visit our company directly, whatsapps, message, call or send us an email of any info inquiry and we guarantee a reply to you asap.


1HP Aircon

An average air conditioner with 1HP has a cooling capacity between 9000BTU/ hour up to 10000BTU/ hour. This type is suitable to be installed in small areas or rooms such as bedrooms as its capacity is unable to accommodate larger rooms. Its price is the cheapest compared to models with larger capacity. In addition, budget saving users can depend on this model as it can save electricity consumption, lesser maintenance needed and easier to wash and repair if damage or error happened.For servicing, it is only periodical with lesser months of checking and follow up. Furthermore, buyers 1HP aircond will usually get a damage warranty for 1 to 2 years based on the model, type and brand.

2HP Aircon

Aircond with 2HP has a BTU reading between 17,000 – 18,000 per hour so it can provide cold air quickly. A comprehensive selection process of 2HP aircond model is very important and the customer should note a review and pay attention in advance for the overview suitability of the installation that applies at the desired location. Consideration is necessary because its systems are not applicable and safe as a cooler for small spaces and even results in the use and high charge of electricity bills. In terms of price, this model is more expensive compared to low power capacity models. This 2HP aircond is suitable to be installed in a large space such as restaurants, living room of a big house, office, hall and university or meeting room. It is also suitable for installation at eateries or mini markets.

Split Unit Aircon

One of the aircond model is split unit. It consists separately of indoor and outdoor components units. Indoor unit includes the evaporator and evaporator fan or blower to be installed and stay on the wall in the room while the outdoor unit consists of a condenser for water drainage, paip, condenser and compressor fan and other appliances located outside of the building. Split unit model gets the best-selling response in the market because it is easy to be installed. There are various cooling capacities and prices for this aircond model. Furthermore, the model is designed with remote control technology to control the temperature according to the needs of the user. It in turn allows the user to set the operating time of the aircond. Finally, split unit air conditioning is easy to be maintained with minimal servicing and cleaning needed with eco-friendly energy saving. 

Ceiling Aircon

One additional type of the split unit aircond model is the ceiling aircond. This type of air cond is usually installed at the upper corner of a room for example a bedroom. The internal equipment for this model will be mounted on the ceiling either wearing an included “wall plug” or something else. Ceiling aircond is more reasonable to cool meeting rooms, offices, bedrooms and so on. Among the advantages of ceiling aircond are minimal field use with minimal service  and maintaining work needed as well as a higher level of efficiency. Furthermore, the design of this model comes in various sizes as well as cooling capacity.


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We provide excellent services to our clients by reducing damage and business disruption without compromises. The frequency of equipment maintenance service ensures that costs are always guaranteed. Good quality cooling system is greatly associated with saving impact in the long run.


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Aircon Brand

There are several factors to be considered when choosing residential aircond. These include the number of rooms, room measurement, arrangement and aesthetical value. All of these factors are important as all involve cost. Businessmen have been working hard in providing aircond of various types and brands to ensure the shape can enhance the house appearance. There is a hidden aircond model. 

Our team provides free consultation regardless of the scale of work. Our consultants are experienced in engineering of various types of aircond.


What is a split unit aircond and where is it commonly used?

A split unit aircond is among the most popular aircond models among users. A split unit aircond is an aircond system with its condensation and evaporation unit separated, also known as indoor unit and outdoor unit.

What are the important criteria to consider when choosing and installing a split unit aircond?

One of the important factors to be considered before purchasing a split unit aircond is the installation area whereby the ceiling height needs to be 10 feet. The space or place where the aircond to be installed must also be suitable for wiring, plumbing and drainage systems. Besides that, suitable cooling capacity is needed to decide the type of split unit aircond to be purchased and installed.

What are the maintenance services needed for a split unit aircond?

We provide several services for split unit aircond, among these is air filter cleaning once every month to avoid the air filter from becoming dirty and dusty. In addition, internal units such as fans and water reservoirs should be inspected and cleaned once every two months. Meanwhile, service for the compressor or fan motor of internal units should be maintained every 6 months. Therefore, we usually advise customers to use our maintenance package where our service price covers all types of service specified.


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