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Are you looking for perfectly exclusive and high quality Hitachi freezer unit service and repair in Kuala Lumpur City and other cities in Selangor like Klang. Consisting of qualified and experienced technicians, our team is ready to lend a helping hand to bring a change in your experience in repairing and servicing your Hitachi commercial freezer machines or fridge. We understand that freezers are an everyday asset for food- selling or commercial businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, food factories and so on. Therefore it is important that they are always checked, serviced, and repaired where necessary before it deteriorates further like a cancer. Therefore, our company offers technician services for your Hitachi freezer unit at the fastest rate and even at an affordable price. For more information about our services, please contact or email our customer service now.

    This service is provided by NHN Aircond Services (M) Sdn Bhd. YNT Global Projects and Services is not liable for the services provided by us. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Thank you for contacting us.


Commercial freezers usually have a power shortage problem that causes the freezer to not cool. To solve this problem, the power cord should be checked and replaced if necessary. If the problem persists, it is possible that the refrigerator compressor is damaged and needs to be replaced. There is also a problem such as the lamp in the refrigerator does not turn on so this problem can be fixed by changing the bulb.


Services for commercial refrigerators are similar to home refrigerators. It is very important for commercial refrigerator users to keep the compressor and motor clean from dust and dirt which may cause fire or damage if not maintained. In addition, the fan and drain lines should also be washed if there is ice accumulated around it.

Service & Repair Hitachi Freezers

Our smart technicians are extra experienced in creating and bringing solutions in repairing Hitachi brand commercial freezers. In line with the company’s mission to provide freezer repair service with minimum hours taken, efficiently and at an affordable price, our technicians are always ready to visit and solve the issues and problems that occur in your commercial freezer. This speed can ensure your business is not disrupted by the non-freezing of the freezer and causes wastage of food and losses for your business. Our technicians will carefully inspect the cause of the damage or malfunction of the machine in your commercial freezer. After that, they will tell the customer about the damage problem and how to solve it along with a quote. With the consent of customers, technicians skilled in repairing various types of commercial freezer problems will carry out repair work efficiently. You can be sure that the repair work will be completed in the shortest possible time even on the same day. Our company also gives the most affordable charges for freezer or refrigerators repair delivery.

Freezer services, especially commercial use that operates non-stop, is very important for the food industry. Understanding this important principle, our company also provides scheduled services for Hitachi commercial freezers as well as repair work for problematic freezers. Our experienced and dedicated technicians are always ready to perform freezer service in an organized manner. A scheduled freezer service can ensure that your freezer always delivers the best performance and there is rarely damage or malfunction that may cause months of extra energy wastage. During maintenance work, cleaning or washing of filter, compressor, evaporator and fan in the freezer will be carried out to ensure the environment in the freezer is clean and germ-free. Cleaning the part can also ensure that it continues to function properly. In addition, the thermostat and refrigerant level will also be inspected and adjusted if necessary. Scheduled commercial freezer service can prevent damage and even the usage term of this electrical appliance can be extended.


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We provide excellent services to our clients by reducing damage and business disruption without compromises. The frequency of equipment maintenance service ensures that costs are always guaranteed. Good quality cooling system is greatly associated with saving impact in the long run.


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Does the cost of repairing a commercial freezer include the cost of replacing spare parts?

Repair costs are based on the type of damage to the commercial refrigerator and do not include spare parts replacement costs. The cost of replacing spare parts also depends on the goods and the type of spare parts needed.

Why are commercial refrigerators not cold and slow to freeze? How to find out the problem?

There are many possible reasons a commercial refrigerator is slow to freeze. It usually occurs when the function of the compressor or automatic freezer is interrupted.

After the freezer repair, is the client given a warranty?

Warranty for repair will be given according to the type of damage. Typically, the warranty is for 1 week from the date of repair.

Why does a commercial freezer need to be maintained?

Every refrigerator, especially commercial refrigerators, needs to be maintained to avoid severe damage. The usage capacity of commercial refrigerators used in supermarkets and restaurants is high and always functioning. Therefore, it is important that maintenance work is done on commercial freezers to always function efficiently.

What are the processes or works carried out during the commercial freezer service?

Among the maintenance processes are such as cleaning the water reservoir tray, compressor, motor fan and evaporator duct. This can prevent commercial freezers from getting cold or slow freezing. In addition, cooling gas should also be added during maintenance work.

How often is the maintenance of a commercial freezer necessary?

Commercial freezer service can be done periodically such as once every 3 months for low usage or once every 2 months for frequent use.


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    This service is provided by NHN Aircond Services (M) Sdn Bhd. YNT Global Projects and Services is not liable for the services provided by us. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Thank you for contacting us.